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Liberta Motor

Control Type Radio Remote
Limits Electronic (set on remote)
Output Speed 40 rpm
Rated Torque 1.1 N.m
Rated Voltage 8v
Rated Power 10W
Rated Current 1.13A
IP Protection Rating 44
Lifting Capacity 3kg
Maximum Size Of Blind (300gsm Fabric) 2400mm x 2400mm
Tube Size 38mm
Smallest Blind Size Width 500mm
Average No. of operations per charge 600 operations
Roller Blind | Components
Note: You must fully charge the Liberta motor for 6 hours before use to prolong battery life.
The IP rating of an electrical item explains the level of protection it has against penetration by objects and water. An IP rating of 44 means that the motor is protected against hard objects larger than 1mm, and against water spray from all direction.


Includes charger, carriage and packaging


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