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DIY Installations

Hints and Tips

As with all projects, first read through all the instructions before starting any work. Be sure everything is clear and understood; tools & equipment, sufficient space and a helper are all available an in place, then start.

Fabric Choice
Cottons, linens and poly-cottons are best. Most curtain materials work well but avoid heavy fabrics such as brocades and upholstery fabrics. Good effects can be achieved by using fabrics made for other applications. Duvet covers, printed table cloths and sheets make up well. Printed tea towels also are a reliable source of ideas. They can be sewn into a ‘frame’ of plain material to fill out the dimensions of your window. Designs can be printed, stenciled, dyed or fabrics can be applied to the base material to create on individual effect. Applied material can be sewn in place but using hot iron adhesive is better. Always complete the fabric design work before the stiffening process – except when using the hot iron-on process when it is best done after the base material has been stiffened dried and ironed out. Plastics coated wall papers make good blinds, most effective when they can match an existing wall. Joining the narrow pieces is best done with double sided adhesive tape. They do not require any further processing to work well.

Read the instructions on the bottle. Assemble the tools for the job – washing line space, room to iron etc.. Ensure fabric is big enough – 2 inches (50mm) wider than the length of the roller and 6 inches (150mm) longer than the height of the window. Chose a container plenty big enough to hold the solution and the fabric. Take extra care that all the fabric is soaked through. Squeeze out as much of the solution as you can, but be gentle so as to reduce creasing. Hang out to drip-dry completely. Iron the dry fabric using a medium heat – use the floor for the bigger blinds but remember to use an underlay, brown paper is ideal. Care must be taken not to iron-in any creases.

Have Fun
Most important, let your imagination run free and have fun and why not e-mail and share your creative ideas.
Making your blind
For details on how to make your blind download the pdf file below

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